slip! is a fully self published and self directed magazine about the intersection of fashion and mental health. This 72 page magazine experiments with layout design, photography, and graphic elements to create a stunning final composition. The minimum page requirement for these concepts was 32 pages, however I felt as though I could not cover my content accurately and entirely with that page minimum and thus the additional pages were developed to fully cover the scope of my topic.
The magazine pushes for a more exploratory look at publication design and how it integrates with photography and other elements to create an artistic look at mental health and how it can speak through the means of fashion. This publication is fully self created: all photography, writing, graphic creation, and layout design was all done by myself. ​​​​​​​
slip! explores the fashion industry and it's implications in this first edition of slip! magazine. Discussing topics and getting first person perspectives from models, designers and consumers alike, all those interested in fashion discuss how the industry has effected their mental states. Opening up discussions about mental health through fashion and focusing on ways the industry needs to improve. Taking photography, testimonials, and personally written essays, slip! takes a beautifully artistic approach to mental health in the world of fashion.

Its okay to slip! We encourage it.