This type style book was created for an experimental typography course and features excerpts from various Jane Austen novels. It places emphasis on the pull quotes typography relating to the background imagery.
The focus was to create visual ties through color and photography between the quotes from specific novels- with matching photography of art pieces as well as color details for the pull quotes and author credits. 
Working with the type as a graphical element, the boldness of size and color contrast to the romantic aesthetic of the quotes themselves as well as the selected imagery. The contrast speaks to the nature of Jane Austen's style of writing which displayed her social commentary through the lens of her characters. 
Heavy emphasis on typography and usage of ligatures in the typefaces, creating connection between letterforms and to the text and content as a whole.
All work was photographed at various museums, in Chicago, St Louis, Dublin and New York. These pieces were selected for their connection to each other and the novels in questions, focusing on the visual relationship to each other to showcase identification of quotes from each novel. The sections are also color coded specifically in accordance with the novel they are tied to. 
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