Various works for completed for class, freelance work, and other personal projects
Social media promotion for self Defense classes I taught at Kinema Fitness. Incorporation of different experimental imagery to give a rough and aggressive feel to these promotional posts. Using halftones, layering, color filters and heavy contrast to express the same visual story.
Information Design: Gaeilge Speakers
Infographics and information sourced from the Central Statistics Office [An Phríomh-Oifig Staidrimh]. Decoding several informational sections of the ability speaking Irish in Ireland. Separated between where Irish is spoken in context–either in school, at home, both or neither. Additionally, how well or to what level Irish is being spoken by age, and what counties in Ireland speak the best levels of Irish. Focusing on a color palette that reads as the color green without being solely green, as well as Irish imagery. Building off of the illuminations from the Book of Kells, and the iconic claddagh ring built into an infographic pie chart to depict information.
Working on a basic identity and logo that can be used in a web context and as a standard for color and font to be used in all branding. Using information from the photographer's moodboard and concepting, I developed this micro-identity to be used at his will for all branded materials. Focusing on clean lines, minimalism, and a circular appearance that can resemble a camera lens. Additionally, the varying widths that can be used in the logo can be used as a knock out for other imagery from the photographer themselves.
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