I worked under Lenovo and Motorola on the graphic design team two summers in a row creating visual graphics for the company while employed over the summer. I aided in creating assets for promotions including digital banners, advertisements, and static images. Helped brainstorm concepts for future promotions and worked with the team to make these concepts come to life.

During my Motorola Internship, I worked on the campaign with Formula One Racing for concepts surrounding the Belgium and Italian Races as well as the US Open in 2022, and in 2023 I created concepts and assets for a partnerships with the Chicago Bears football team.
Partnership work from the last two summers, working within both brands. Tackling working within both branding identities to make a cohesive work that the partner and our team could utilize.
Various assets for summer promotions and sales, maintaining the integrity of the brand, and refreshing each promotion to hit our target market.
Created these assets for presentations to shareholders that would showcase the environmentally friendly packaging that Motorola was now offering.
Concepts for various media campaigns exclusive to Motorola, with anniversaries and releases of new products.