FRANK magazine is a selective student run and produces publication. It speaks to what the undergraduate students want to express and share their voices about. 
We wrote about various subject matter ranging from styling clothes, an article I spearheaded as well as the struggles of Dating in your twenties.
Prior to the articles being written themselves, we developed branded identities for the publication to adhere to that best expressed our voices as a team.
This color palette reflects the modern and moody aesthetic of the next edition of FRANK. These are darker colors and high contrast hues to pair them with, the blues and reds are contemporary and cool. This secondary color palette adds bright tones and additional pops of vibrancy. These colors should be used sparingly, and are to add more visual focus for various elements.
The typography is experimental and fun, joining various elements together to showcase the voice of the magazine as eclectic and contemporary. Type usage became instrumental in showcasing the message of the publication.
Expressing this direction in context to exemplify usage of the guideline for this identity. Using photography from the magazine itself, the text is placeholder but still relevant to the context of the identity.
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